The CyberGate platform is a fully functional mobile computing solution that utilizes advanced engineering and manufacturing processes to encapsulate an extraordinary amount of microelectronics into a package the approximate size of a credit-card. The combination of processing power, memory capacity, biometric security and wireless technology compressed into such a small form factor represents years of development and is backed by two issued patents held by BluStor PMC, Inc.


  • Finnis Conner, President & CEO | BluStor

    Finis Conner
    President & CEO

    For his entire career Finis Conner has correctly identified and executed winning trends in the lightning-fast technology industry...

  • Mark Bennett, COO | BluStor

    Mark Bennett

    As a trailblazing IT executive, Mr. Bennett has more than 20 years of experience delivering strong competitive advantages...

  • Charlie Sander, Board of Directors | BluStor

    Charlie Sander
    Board of Directors

    Charlie is the CEO of ManagedMethods and brings over 35 years of experience in the IT industry...

  • Steve Doyle, Board of Directors | BluStor

    Steve Doyle
    Board of Directors

    Stephen Doyle currently serves as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Innisfree Investments, LLC, a family company that invests..


  • Syscard Innovations is an engineering firm specializing in ultra-low power micro-electronics product design and supply chain management for Original Equipment Manufacturers. We have gathered an experienced team of professionals whose expertise lies in key areas tailored to portable flexible electronics product design and manufacturing: embedded micro-electronics, mechanical design and supply chain management. Syscard caters to the consumer electronics, mobile communications and medical markets.