The CyberGate platform is a fully functional mobile computing solution that utilizes advanced engineering and manufacturing processes to encapsulate an extraordinary amount of microelectronics into a form-factor that is the approximate size of a credit-card. CyberGate shares many similarities to smartphones in terms of capabilities but is designed, first and foremost, as a tamper resistance and ultra-secure biometric identification and data storage solution.


  • Encryption

    AES 256 bit hardware supported encryption.

    Note: hardware encryption may not be available in the initial firmware release.

  • Biometrics

    On-card biometric facial recognition.

    Note: additional biometrics will be made available through subsequent firmware updates.

  • GateKeeper


    Access to the GateKeeper mobile and desktop application and related source code for personal use or development of your own applications.


    Download the GateKeeper mobile application. Online developer documentation: CyberGate API, Android SDK, and Android SDK JavaDocs

  • Memory

    Up to 8 GB of high-performance flash storage

  • Interfaces

    Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low-Energy, and NFC wireless interfaces.

    Note: Bluetooth will be the primary supported interface in initial firmware release.

  • CPU

    AES 256 bit hardware supported encryption.

    Note: hardware encryption may not be available in the initial firmware release.

  • Battery

    Ultrathin rechargeable lithium polymer battery.


What is the GateKeeper XFTP API?

The GateKeeper Extended File-Transfer-Protocol (XFTP) API enables developers to create custom applications that directly integrate with the CyberGate platform. Based on the commonly used FTP protocol familiar to most developers, the GateKeeper XFTP API includes a number of proprietary protocol extensions that provide access to the unique features and capabilities of the card.

What SDK’s does the CyberGate platform ship with?

The initial release of the CyberGate platform includes the Android SDK. Subsequent releases will include additional SDKs for the Windows and IOS platforms. The related GateKeeper XFTP API and associated documentation supports all platforms.

What interfaces does the CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud platform support?

CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud  supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low-Energy 4.0 wireless interface. Additional interface support will be made available through over-the-air firmware upgrades.