What is CyberGate Card?

The CyberGate card is a sophisticated wireless personal biometric identification and data storage card that fits safely in your wallet or purse. Supporting multi-factor biometric authentication, the CyberGate card replaces or augments traditional usernames, passwords, and pin numbers with ultra-secure multi-factor biometric authentication stored safely in your control — never on a mobile device or cloud-based service.

Where can I use the CyberGate card?

You can use the CyberGate card anywhere in the world with a compatible Bluetooth or NFC equipped mobile device such as smart phone, tablet, or laptop. You do not need to have an Internet connection in order access the personal/private data stored on the card.

What is the GateKeeper application and how does it protect my sensitive information?

As the name implies, the GateKeeper controls access to certain applications, passwords, and other sensitive information. The GateKeeper app works with the CyberGate card to provide biometric secured protection for your applications and data.  Once you are biometrically authenticated by the CyberGate card, the card provides the GateKeeper access to your files and data stored securely on the card.

Do I need to buy a new CyberGate card if the battery runs out?

No. The CyberGate card’s battery can be recharged as often as needed using the provided proprietary USB cable. Depending on the frequency of use, the battery can last for up to a year or longer in a single charge.

Can I provide suggestions for improvements and new features?

Yes, by all means. CyberGate card is developed specifically to empower you to take control of your digital idenity and to secure all of your important information. We welcome all comments and suggestions for improvements. The best part is that when new feature are released, there’s no need for you to buy a new card. Your card can be upgraded by downloading new releases of firmware or application software from our website.

Are the fingerprint scanners otr other sensors built into the CyberGate card?

No. The CyberGate card takes advantage of the sophisticated cameras, fingerprint scanners, and other sensors already available on most smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Where can I get the product datasheets?

The product datasheets can be downloaded here:
Password Vault
CyberGate Edge Development Kit
CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud (PMC)

Form Factor

What is the shape and size of the CyberGate card?

We offer the CyberGate card is currently available in only one form and shape: the approximate size of a typical credit card that fits easily into your wallet or purse.

Is the battery replaceable?

The CyberGate card is a very sophisticated electronic device with an ultra-thin lithium polymer rechargeable battery encapsulated in plastic and can not be replaced. The rechargeable battery will enable you to use the CyberGate card for many years to come.

Will I damage the CyberGate card if I sit down with the card in my back pocket?

The electronic parts on the CyberGate card have been optimally placed within the card to minimize the potential for stress and damage.


If I lose my CyberGate card or it’s stolen, can someone steal my credentials on my card?

Only your biometrics can open the data stored on your CyberGate card. Since the individual who found your card does not have your biometric characteristics, it would be extraordinarily difficult for them to obtain any useful information from you card. Furthermore, the CyberGate card has tamper resistant physical protection and  attempts to tamper with the electronics will likely render it useless.

Can my biometric templates be shared or given to a third-party?

No. By design, your biometric templates never leave the CyberGagte card and are always in your full control.  The card’s fimrware is incapable of transmitting you biometric templates outside of the card.

Does BluStor have access to my biometric templates or the data stored on the card?

No. BluStor has no access to any of the data stored on the CyberGate card, including your biometric templates.

Can my phone notify me if my CyberGate card is lost?

Yes. The GateKeeper application running on your smartphone can be configured to alert you if your CyberGate card is outside of range of your phone.

Is my date encypted when the card is communicating over Bluetooth?

Yes. Your data is always encrypted as it’s transmitted using the Bluetooth wireless interface.


What biometric authentication algorithms are supported by the CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud platform?

The initial release of the CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud platform  supports facial recognition. Subsequent releases will add additional support for voice, fingerprint and iris recognition through over-the-air firmware upgrades.

What interfaces does the Personal Mobile Cloud platform support?

The CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud platform supports Bluetooth / Bluetooth Low-Energy 4.0 wireless interface. Subsequent releases will include additional support other interfaces through over-the-air firmware upgrades.

What SDK’s does the CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud platform ship with?

The initial release of the CyberGate Personal Mobile Cloud includes the Android SDK. Subsequent releases will include additional SDKs for the Windows and IOS platforms.

What is the GateKeeper XFTP API?

The GateKeeper Extended File-Transfer-Protocol (XFTP) API enables developers to create custom applications that directly integrate with the CyberGate platform.  Based on the commonly used FTP protocol familiar to most developers, the GateKeeper XFTP API includes a number of proprietary protocol extensions that provide access to the unique features and capabilities of the card.