Password Vault

• Your personal mobile cloud for storing passwords and automating logins
• Do away with the security concerns of cloud-based solutions and public WiFi
• Rechargeable and wallet-friendly, reduces chance of theft or loss
• Safely access your passwords without the need for Internet access
• Keep sensitive data off of vulnerable mobile devices and the cloud
• Use complex passphrases to authorize access to your card

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Product Description


Built on BluStor’s CyberGate™ platform, the Password Vault is a full-featured ultra-secure wireless password management solution that manages all your passwords, critical data, and can automatically log you into your Windows or Mac OS X desktop/laptop computers. Kept safely tucked away in your wallet, not on a key chain or dongle, the Password Vault eliminates reliance on third-party servers, cloud-based solutions or the need to use unsecure public WiFi connections to synchronize your passwords.



» Built upon the extremely powerful credit-card sized CyberGate platform

» High-performance 32-bit microprocessor

» 1GB of flash memory capable of storing thousands of passwords and other pieces of critical data

» Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low- Energy interface.

» Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery with overcharge protection

» Smart-card form factor weighing less than 12 grams and fits easily in your wallet

» Magnetic USB charging connector and cable



» The GateKeeper interface acts as the “bouncer at the door”, protecting access to your passwords and other critical data stored within the Password Vault

» Leverage complex passphrases to authenticate and authorize access

» Combines multiple layers of security and data encryption to deliver an ultra-secure solution



» Integrates directly with the extremely popular open-source KeePass password management solution

» Your data and passwords are stored securely on the CyberGate card – no third-party servers or cloud-based solutions required

» Meets advanced encryption standards (AES, Rijndael) approved by U.S. Federal Government

» Supports numerous plugins with a large community of existing users



» Included as part of the KeePass password management solution

» Store and retrieve key information, such as credit cards, ID numbers, emergency contacts, prescriptions, etc.



» Windows 7, 8 and 10

» Mac OS X

» Android

» Apple iOS (available April 2017)

Password Vault

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Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 1 in