Personal Mobile Cloud

• Advanced wireless multi-factor biometric authentication
• High-performance processor and with large storage capacity
• Smartcard form-factor (fits easily in your wallet)
• Ready for OEMs, system integrators, and Value Added Resellers
• Keep sensitive data off vulnerable mobile devices and the cloud
• Multiple interfaces: Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE, NFC, and USB
• Integrate your own applications with provided SDK and GateKeeper API

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Product Description


Designed to provide ultra-secure storage and with the processing power to manage multi-factor biometric authentication, the CyberGate™ Personal Mobile Cloud (PMC) is a revolutionary piece of technology poised to change the world of personal data and privacy protection. Integrating the power of a smart phone into the form factor of a credit-card, the CyberGate PMC is ready for immediate integration into existing applications and high-volume manufacturing. No larger than a typical smart card and weighing less than 12 grams, the CyberGate PMC is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with Bluetooth, Bluetooth-Low Energy, NFC wireless interface as wells as a USB 2.0 high-speed data connection. Designers can leverage the existing GateKeeper Application Program Interface (API) to immediately integrate the capabilities of the platform with their own applications or take advantage of the CyberGate Development Kit to create their own custom firmware solutions.



» GateKeeper Multi-Factor Biometrics – authenticate using biometrics and passphrases

» Password Manager – encrypted passwords stored on your CyberGate card, not a third-party server

» AutoLogN – automatically lock and unlock your computer

» FileVault – 8GB of secured flash storage



» Core: ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU

» Cryptographic acceleration: hardware acceleration for AES 128, 192, 256, Triple DES, HASH (MD5, SHA-1), and HMAC

» USB 2.0 high-speed/full-speed device host

» 8GB NAND Flash with MMC Controller

» Bluetooth Dual-Mode Controller: Integrates Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), and Low Energy (LE) features fully compliant with Bluetooth 4.0 specifications.

» NFC Forum Type 2 Tag with field detection based on ISO/IEC 14443A

» Small compact power management unit providing multiple power rails and built-in battery charger with fault protection



» Implements a simple message-based protocol based on the commonly used File-Transfer- Protocol (FTP)

» Interfaces with the standard Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) supported by virtually all Bluetooth enabled devices

» Custom protocol extensions provide biometric authentication and authorization, card enrollment, and provisioning services

» Full-source code to the GateKeeper firmware provided



» High-volume manufacturing process

» Smart card form factor has been widely adopted and is familiar to end-users

» Bluetooth wireless interface compatible with virtually every mobile device being shipped today

» The addition of NFC and USB interfaces provides additional connectivity options, providing unparalleled flexibility of any device in a similar form factor

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 x 3 x 1 in
Card Weight

12 grams

Card Dimensions

85 mm x 54 mm x 1.7 mm